Buy 1st — Buy your next home while still living in your current one


How You Can Buy Your Next Home Before You Sell Your Current One

Are you a family who needs a larger home but doesn’t want the risk of paying two mortgages or going through the expense and hassle of moving twice?
With the Buy 1st program from the Epps Elson Team, you can buy your NEXT home BEFORE you sell your current house WITHOUT having to:

  • Qualify for two mortgages
  • Move into a short-term rental
  • Settle for a house you don’t love
  • Have offer after offer declined because it’s contingent on selling your current home
  • Deal with the stress that comes with the uncertainty of the current housing market

Imagine Your Future
in Your Next Home

The Buy 1st process is simple!

Step 1

Schedule a phone call with Kevin to see if you qualify for the Buy 1 st program.

Step 2

You find your next home and write an offer free of contingencies.

Step 3

Sell your current house.

Benefits of Using
Buy 1st

  • Lock in a low interest rate
  • Know exactly how much equity is in your home
  • Write contingent free offers on existing or new homes before your home sells
  • Know exactly when you’ll move into your next home
  • Have the time to find the home you love

Always Here to Help


Kevin Elson


Cathy Epps


Mike Robinson



Administrative Assistant


Our entire team is here to guide you through the Buy 1st process. We always work to ensure your experience is as stress-free as possible.



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